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Online Level 2 Food Hygiene Training (also known as Level 2 Food Safety Training)

Why Train

Under food hygiene law in the UK, food handlers must receive adequate supervision, instruction and/or training in food hygiene for the work they do. In addition the Health and Safety at Work Act requires business owners to ensure, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of his employees.

The training requirement applies to all food businesses and the proprietor of each business is responsible for ensuring that their business complies with the law.

Level 2 food hygiene also known as level 2 food safety and basic food hygiene courses are the fundemental training courses for any one that handles 'open food'.
Most food business owners will require all of their staff  to complete this course as a minimum.

FREE TRIAL - Try the first 2 modules for FREE to get a feel of the quality of our training by clicking the 'TRY IT FREE' button on the right hand side, there is no comittment to buy the course, if you dont want to progress, it will delete automaically after a few days. If you do want to carry on, simply add a few more details to the system, pay with your debit/credit card and  continue the course, the work you have done will not be lost.

Your staff may also need further training depending on the type of work they do. 
For instance managers and supervisors should do a Level 3 food hygiene course and the person in the business responsible for the upkeep of the Food Safety Management Mystem (FSMS) should also complete a HACCP course (Hazzard Analysis and Critcal Control Points) also available from NCASS
Why NCASS Online Training
    Instant Access 24/7
    Set your own pace
    No lost work time
    No travel costs
    Phone and online support
    Reduced administation
    Certs posted working next day
    Meets all UK & EU requirements
    Accredited by City & Guilds
    Created by caterers for caterers 
Discounts available if you have more than ten persons to train



What others have said:

I have completed several of your courses over the weekend - great courses, very professional. The more of your materials I see the more impressed I become.

Iain Lilley, Wallace Barnes Catering
We are using your training for all our staff in both our restaurants and mobile units
Kwong Linn - Noodle Nation
As a food business owner you will also need to operate a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based on HACCP principles and be trained in its use. NCASS have available for purchase a suitable FSMA and a HACCP training course click here for more info on the course

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